Managing payroll service is one of the most complicated parts of running a small business. Most small businesses generally have little manpower. Thus, most of them don’t have in-house accountants. As a result, managing the payroll and paying taxes accordingly becomes troublesome.

One of the best ways to deal with payroll is to get a payroll service. A payroll service would manage your paperwork, make the payment process smoother, and help you submit your documents during tax times. 

However, getting payroll services in the eastern suburbs isn’t that easy. Not every service is worth the investment. So, you need to take a few things into account before getting a payroll service.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few essential factors that you need to consider before getting a payroll service in the eastern suburbs. Let’s begin!

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Payroll Service in the Eastern Suburbs:

Type of Payroll Service:

There are many types of payroll services in the eastern suburb for you to choose from. Generally, small businesses don’t have an in-house accountant due to financial constraints. However, small businesses can have bookkeepers who will maintain payroll-related information for your business. You can either hire a bookkeeper or choose a bookkeeping service for your business.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a digital payroll system for a more “hands-on” approach. There are two types of digital payroll systems, online and offline software-based payroll. In an online system, most of your information stays on the cloud. So, you can access that information anytime, anywhere you want. However, you’d have to pay for cloud storage, constant internet, and regular software subscription.

However, you can save a bit of money by getting offline software. You can store the information on your computer and access it from there. There aren’t any cloud computing or software update costs. But, you might lose your data if your computer goes out of order or your folders get corrupted.

Services offered:

Your payroll system for eastern suburbs should be comprehensive. It should deal with all the nitty-gritty of your payroll. From paying your staff to filing taxes, your payroll should be able to get everything done.

When you’re getting a payroll service in the eastern suburbs, make sure it provides you with the basic necessities. These include; payroll processing, filing necessary taxation, making adjustments after every new recruitment, annual reports, etc. Prioritize these before other features.

However, other additional services, such as mobile access, self-service, PTO management, etc., are welcome additions that can massively help your business. So, make sure you’re always going for a feature-packed service.


Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the cost of getting a payroll service! Most small businesses opt for a cost-effective solution due to financial constraints. However, getting the cheapest shouldn’t always be the option.

Investing a bit of money in your payroll can have its own benefits. These include ease of payment and eligibility for subsidies. Furthermore, some payroll services in the eastern suburbs have hidden costs involved. So, make sure you know all the details before investing your money.


Whenever you’re getting a payroll service, make sure it’s secure. Your payroll provider will have to deal with a plethora of sensitive information. Information such as the number of employees in your business, your payment details etc. is extremely sensitive. 

Ensure your sensitive data is stored in secured servers, and the information is delivered through secure channels. Compromising your information to save up some money can be suicidal in the long run.

Ease of Use:

Payroll is a complicated task. But, payroll management shouldn’t be rocket science. Your payroll service should be easy and efficient. Whether you’re using digital services or consulting an office, it should be easy to work with.

If your payroll service isn’t user-friendly, we recommend getting a new service immediately.

Demo Service:

This is eligible for people who are availing online services. Some online providers provide a free demo of their service to attract users. In such demos, you either get the full service for free for a few days, or some benefits for one month. 

If your preferred service has a demo available, try to avail it. This will give you an idea of the payroll service and i’s technicalities. If you like the demo service, you can pay for the whole deal.

However, juggling around demo services for too long can be detrimental. So, make sure you make your decision quickly.


Before you sign an agreement with a payroll service in the eastern suburbs, do your research. Look for their old clients and their reviews of the business. Reach out to their clients and get a complete idea about their service. If the reviews don’t live up to your expectation, don’t go for it!


To err is human, mistakes can happen any time, and that’s normal. However, the reason you’re receiving a payroll service is to avoid penalties due to errors in your tax documents. 

However, your payroll service should be liable for their mistakes. If they make any mistake in the paperwork, they should be willing to pay the penalties and reimburse your losses. Otherwise, not only you’re paying for a service, but you’re also paying for their mistakes. 

Qualifications and Accreditations:

Every good payroll provider should have enough documents to back up for credibility. There are specific certifications and accreditations a payroll provider should have to run a service in Australia.

So, if you’re getting a payroll service in the Eastern Suburbs, make sure they’re qualified enough to deal with your information.


Payroll is an integral part of your business. Not managing your payroll can lead to employee dissatisfaction and a plethora of problems. So, getting a good payroll service might be the boost your business needs in the long run.

However, you shouldn’t just get any payroll service for you. You need to consider a few factors beforehand. In this article, we’ve discussed these factors o help you out. We hope you find this article helpful!