For small businesses, financial management is a key issue. The budget is always very tight, and there’s a lot of room for error. Making the slightest error can cause a lot of trouble in the long run, and that’s where getting outsourced CFO services help.

Generally, small businesses don’t have the financial capability to hire a financial expert full-time. However, having an expert to support your finances can take your business to the next level. However, receiving outsourced CFO services can be somewhat technical. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about outsourced CFO services to help you make your decision. Let’s begin!

What is an Outsourced CFO Service?

Outsourced CFO services refer to consulting a certain company or individual that has expertise in financial matters. They provide you with expert advice, suggestions and help your business find its groove. 

Generally, a CFO is a person who takes over all the financial matters of a business and micro-manages all the ins-and-outs of that business. However, since small businesses don’t have considerably experienced finance experts or the financial means to hire an expert, they can reach out to an outsourced CFO service for help.

Services Provided by Outsourced CFO Services:

Helps to Find Stability:

Businesses often go through rough patches. Whether that’s struggling with the lack of finances or improper financial management, struggles are prevalent in the world of business.

A financial export understands these situations and knows how to tackle these. As a result, he can easily show your business to get out of these sticky situations, eventually giving your business the stability it needs.

Short and Long-Term Planning:

The key to survival for a business is to plan for its future. However, considering how uncertain the business world is, planning efficiently is the key. With an experienced CFO at the helm, you can get short term and long term forecasts of the market and ideas on how you should make the best of it. Having a proper idea about the future can help your business survive any uncertainty coming in its way.

Financial Reporting:

Understanding your companies reports and making decisions based on them is another benefit you can get from outsourced financial services. Suppose you have multiple products available in the market. However, not every product is providing your preferred output, that’s where your outsourced CFO services play their role.

To begin with, the financial expert can see the policies enacted by your products and provide valuable suggestions. He’ll conduct in-depth research and provide reports on why certain products are performing worse than the others, and how to get a better outcome from these products.


Having a clear budget helps to make your future financial plans. Consulting an outsourced CFO service, you can get help regarding your account for a number of years.

The CFO will take a few things into account, such as current expenses, investments, assets and liabilities, payroll management, etc. and chalk up a financial plan that will help you sustain your business for a few years. 

Having a clear budget means you know how much money you need to spend to make your business grow and sustain. As a result, you can easily find investment ideas in the long run.

Structuring and Raising Capital:

How much money you have as your capital is crucial for your business. You need to find the right combination of assets, debts and liabilities to make your business stand out. A good CFO can help you find the right spot that protects your business as well as accelerates growth. Also, having an idea about capital can massively help during taxation.

Furthermore, experienced finance professionals have a plethora of connections and networks that they can connect your business to. These will ensure more potential for your business as they get more potential investors to improve its capital.

Pros of Outsourced CFO Services:


Having outsourced CFO services mean that you don’t have in-house staff to pay for. As a result, you don’t have to pay extra costs such as insurance and employee benefits. For a small business, these benefits can really save a fair bit of money for your business.

Reduced Workload:

As the head of your business, it’s your responsibility to manage everything. However, having someone to share the workload can really make your life easier. Having an experienced CFO managing your finances can reduce your businesses’ additional hassle of financial management, thus reducing your shoulders’ workload. Allowing you to focus on your work.


Small businesses generally suffer from a lack of manpower. As a result, it takes time to manage certain things that could otherwise be done much sooner by a group of professionals.

When you’re getting outsourced CFO services, you’re also getting a team of experts to manage your financial matters. As a result, you can save up on a fair bit of time from managing everything.

Cons of Outsourced CFO Services:

Hidden Costs:

When you’re hiring an agency for outsourced CFO services, prepare for some additional costs. While this isn’t a case for every company, certain companies might charge you higher than usual or add extra costs over the initial fees in certain fields. So, preparing beforehand is a good idea.

Lack of Freedom:

Although this is entirely subjective, a lot of people personally struggle with the addition of people who aren’t in-house employees. When you’re getting an outsourced CFO service, you’re essentially handing over a crucial part of your business to an expert. Many people might find this limiting to their business, and eventually, find it hard to work. 

So, if you’re someone who enjoys taking decisions and working at your own pace, getting outsourced CFO services might do more harm than good.


For people running small businesses, every decision is crucial. Miscalculating the smallest of steps can be disastrous in the long run. And when it comes to something as technical as finances, there’s a lot of complications involved.

Getting outsourced CFO services can really benefit your business in specific scenarios. In this article, we’ve discussed all the technicalities of outsourcing your CFO services to help you out!