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Self-Managed Super Fund

Tips on Investing in Self-Managed Super Fund Property

Property investment through a self-managed super fund in Australia is not hard to do. In fact, it is rather easy and cost-effective. Australia is a self-sufficient country, so it offers you a lot of chances to invest in an asset that will yield you a higher return. It’s all about making the right investment decisions and having the right advice from an expert. A good self-managed super fund in Australia can give you a chance to have a piece of the massive property pie.

Invest Your Self-Managed Super Fund in Real Estate

The first thing that you need to do when planning on investing in a self-managed super fund in Australia is to know what you want to achieve with this venture. Think about what you really want to get out of your investment. It is important that you have a clear idea of how much you would like to earn from this venture. If you are just planning to earn extra money from a hobby then it is best if you choose a self-managed super fund in Australia that specializes in real estate.

Consult With a Property Consultant

Next, talk to an investment consultant who will give you sound investment advice. Keep in mind that there are people who will try to take advantage of your inexperience. They may lure you with the lowest rate of return that they can find and convince you to go ahead with the deal. With the help of a real estate investment consultant, it is best that you have all the necessary information in place before deciding to go ahead with a self-managed super fund in Australia. A professional can also tell you the pros and cons of different deals that are available and help you make an informed decision.

Choose the Location of the Property

There are many different things that you need to consider when investing in property. One of these is the location of the property that you plan to invest in. You also need to look into the kind of house you want to have. This may affect the type of house that you should buy for your self-managed super fund. Once you have chosen the right property, you can now look into the details regarding the project.

Sign Contract About the Legal Aspects

When looking into the details regarding the project, you also need to know about the legal aspects of the contract that will be signed. You do not want to get in trouble with any legal matters while investing in self-managed super funds. If you are going to have an attorney look into the details of the contract, you must let him know the amount you have invested so that he can provide you with a good idea of how much you need to contribute every month. This is very essential, as you don’t want to put yourself in a bad position. The Australian retirement home guidelines state that each self-managed super fund must have an annual return of at least 5% per annum.

Minimize Your Risk at Investment

There are a lot of ways that you can minimize the risk that you are facing while investing in self-managed super funds. This is why you should always be aware of your investments. This way, you won’t be putting yourself at danger of losing all of your money in a snap. If you can, you should hire a financial advisor that will provide you with good advice. Having a reliable advisor is very important if you want to ensure that your self-managed super fund investments are sound.

Things You Should Avoid While Investing Self Managed Super Funds

  1. One of the most common ways that people are losing money when investing in self-managed super funds is because they are investing too much money.
  3. When looking into the details of a particular investment, you should make sure that you only invest what you can afford to lose.
  5. In addition to this, you need to read the fine print on the contracts that you sign in so that you will know exactly what you are getting into.
  6. The last thing you would want is for something to go bad, even if you have invested everything.
  7. You can also consult your financial advisor on how much self-managed super fund you should be investing your money in.

In Conclusion

Aside from this, you should also learn about investing in self-managed super funds so that you can know what risks you will be dealing with. The type of risks that you will be facing depends on the location of where you are putting your money. For example, if you are targeting a high return, you may encounter more risks than with a lower return property fund. This is the reason why you should always compare different types of investments so that you can choose the one that is right for you. In addition to this, you should also know how the self-managed fund market works. This will help you choose the best self-managed super fund and will also give you an idea of how you can get the best returns.

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Find A Business Tax Advisor In the Eastern Suburb of Sydney

The business owners in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney can get the best of their deals by getting assistance from a business tax advisor. It is a place where they can find suitable tax consultants in Eastern suburbs who can guide them in their business affairs. At present, business owners have so many problems to tackle regarding their business taxes. They have to face different problems such as tax investigation, tax payment, tax audit, and many more. If you are one of those business owners, don’t worry about these things because the tax consultants in Sydney can get your problems solved for you. They can give you complete advice on various aspects of your business including taxation issues.

With the help of a tax consulting company, you can get your taxes sorted out so that your business stands free from all the tensions. As soon as you appoint the tax consultants in Eastern suburbs of Sydney, you will see the difference in their service. The first thing that you will feel is the professionalism of the people in this organization. They will handle your business matters in a very friendly manner. Even if you have to make some corrections in the tax records of your business, they will provide solutions for that also.

Business Tax Consultation

In addition to this, there are many other advantages that you can enjoy by getting the services of a business tax consulting company. For instance, you can get a reliable expert who can help you get the right kind of tax concession that you need for your business. Moreover, he will also know the right tax regulations that you need to follow for your business. This will help you save a lot of time and money.

Save a Lot of Money

Apart from this, a professional business tax consultant from RT Taxation & Accounting can also help you save a lot of money on your tax return. This is because he will help you find the tax discounts that you can avail for your business. If you do not know what tax discounts can be availed for your business, then it is best to consult a tax consultant in Sydney. He will tell you about all the options that are available for you.

Business Tax Discount

There are two types of business tax discounts that you can avail of in Australia. These are the concession and the deferment. If you have a big business, then you can seek a tax reduction on your concession. This means that you can get a 50% discount when you pay taxes for your business on a yearly basis. This is one of the most preferred tax breaks by business owners.

Opt for a Deferment

However, if you have a small business, then it is advisable to opt for a deferment. This means that you will not have to pay taxes on income that you earn before you pay tax for it. This is a very good business tax consultant in Sydney that will ensure that you get to benefit from every advantage that is provided to you.

Tax Consultant Will Calculate Everything

When you contact a business tax consultant in Eastern Suburbs, you should give him all the required information regarding your business. This includes your staff, assets and liabilities, cash and assets of investment, expenditure, your turnover and profit margin. The tax consultant will then do his homework and study your business and then draw up a tax calculator that will help you work out how much you can save. This will help you arrive at the right amount of concession and deferment that you can avail for your business. All you need to do is to give him the right information and you will get the right tax benefits.

Where to Find the Best Business Tax Advisor in Eastern Suburb?

There are many business tax advisor in eastern suburbs of Sydney. RT Taxation & Accounting is one of them.

The best business tax consultant in Sydney is RT Taxation. You will be able to find plenty of consultants online that will be able to guide you towards the right path for your business. Sydney has become quite an important financial hub and people from all over the country as well as from other parts of the world are heading towards Sydney for their business needs. In order to be in the limelight, you need to start looking for a professional who can help you with your business tax return.

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Self-Managed Super Fund

Pros and Cons of Self-Managed Super Fund Property Investment

There are a number of ways to get self-managed super investments, but you may want to consider investing in self-managed super fund property investment. These types of investments offer you more control over your money than other types of investments. In addition, if you invest in self-managed super funds you will likely pay less tax on it because you will have less risk. If you invest in self-managed super fund property investment, here is how you can do so.

How to Invest in Self Managed Super Fund Property?

There are few steps to invest in self managed super fund property. Here are the steps

Find Out a Qualified Fund Manager

First of all, when you invest in a self-managed super fund you should do so through a qualified fund manager. A qualified manager will help you choose an appropriate self-managed fund for your needs. He or she can look at the investment goals you have and determine which type of fund is right for your situation. Once you finalize your decision, he or she can help you invest in that specific type of self-managed fund.

Find Out the Investment Options for You

The self-managed super fund investment options available to you will depend on your specific circumstances. You may have specific goals in mind, or you may be investing for a wide variety of reasons. Some self-managed funds let you choose your own investments. For instance, some of these funds allow you to invest in real estate, shares, commodities, and the stock market. This allows you the opportunity to determine exactly what types of investments you want to make.

Advantages of Self-Managed Fund Investment

No Need to Worry About Monthly Payment

One of the advantages of self-managed fund investment is that you don’t have to worry about making monthly payments. You can usually set up your self-managed fund in any way that you choose. Many self-managed super fund companies offer direct investing from their websites. This means you can have your money to invest in a self-managed fund without ever visiting a branch, dealing with salespeople or brokers, or having to figure out how you will pay a bill.

No Diversification

Another advantage of self-managed fund investment is that you do not have to worry about diversification. When you invest in a broad range of different securities, you are increasing your risk. In general, the performance of broad range securities is less stable than that of more concentrated investments. With self-managed funds, your diversification is kept to a minimum. There are even some self-managed funds that are designed so that you can have one investment that is focused on property.

Buy and Sell Property Anytime

Another advantage of self-managed fund investment is that you can usually buy or sell during the year. When you invest in a broad range of securities, you may only be able to buy or sell during the trading year. This can result in you losing money if the market turns down. When you invest in a self-managed fund, you can buy and sell as often as you want.

Tax Reduction

A self-managed fund can also help you avoid tax. If you are self-managed, you can usually deduct the costs related to your self-managed fund investment. You cannot deduct expenses on an investment made using a self-managed fund if you are not using it to make self-managed fund investments. If you use your own funds to make self-managed fund investments, you may be able to deduct the interest on the loan used to purchase the property, the administrative fees you pay, and other similar expenses. In this way, self-managed funds may be a good choice for many people who are looking to minimize their tax liability.

Where to Get Help to Invest in Self-Managed Super Fund Property?

There are many institutions and taxation companies in the eastern suburbs of Sydney that help you to invest in self-managed super fund property. This property investment will help you in many ways including tax reduction. So why late? Talk to our tax professionals and get the best consultation.


Before investing in self-managed super funds, you should consult a financial advisor. If you have never invested in a self-managed super fund before, he or she will be able to give you valuable advice about which type of self-managed fund would be a good choice for you. While these types of funds have high fees associated with them, you may still save money over the long term compared to purchasing conventional investments in mutual funds. Choosing the right self-managed super fund can give you significant tax benefits.

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Tax Return

Where to Get the Best Tax Return Services in Eastern Suburbs?

Tax Return Services in Eastern Suburbs

When taxpayers are facing tax debt, many turn to tax return services in an attempt to find a knowledgeable professional to help guide them through the process. The tax return services providers in Eastern Australia are unique in their experience, knowledge, and in the quality of the tax return preparation that they can provide. Taxpayers in Eastern Suburbs, RT Taxation is recognized that only a one-size-fits-all approach will not minimize or maximize the amount of their tax liability or maximize what they legally owe to the government! In fact, the tax liability can be maximized by providing the Internal Revenue Service with a detailed examination of every taxpayer’s financial circumstances, thereby allowing the agency to maximize its collection of tax liability.

If you have been negligent about paying your income taxes, the Internal Revenue Service has remedies to collect these delinquent amounts. In some cases, the Tax Authority will pursue you through Tax Court, while in others it will negotiate with you. If you choose the latter course, you want to ensure you are properly represented by an experienced tax return services business in Eastern Australia. Taxpayers in Eastern suburbs know that selecting a reputable tax services business can maximize their recovery of delinquent taxes, while Eastern Australia tax professionals can utilize their experience and knowledge to negotiate with the IRS in such a way as to obtain the best possible resolution for their client.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Good Tax Return Services Provider?

Trained Tax Professionals

The tax returns filed by taxpayers in Eastern Australia are prepared by highly trained tax preparation service workers. These tax preparation workers prepare federal tax returns, state tax returns and provincial tax returns as well. In addition, these workers prepare payroll tax deposits and provide assistance with filing federal tax returns. There is no question that if you work with a tax preparation service that is based in Eastern Australia, you can rest assured that you will be receiving only the highest level of professional tax advice and service.

Follow Complete Tax Code

Taxpayers should never attempt to prepare their own tax returns. The tax laws are very complex and there is no better way to receive legal help in resolving tax issues than through an experienced tax return services business. If an individual taxpayer is unable to follow the complex tax code, they can become subject to penalty fines. In addition, improperly filed tax returns can result in interest and penalties being added to the balance of the taxpayer’s liability. Even in cases where a penalty is not incurred, a delayed payment could result.

Resolve Tax Return Problems

If a taxpayer is not able to resolve their tax return problems with the Tax Authority, there is even more potential for the tax burden to increase. The tax collection process is typically very efficient, but errors do occur. Errors can occur when a taxpayer does not understand the complex tax code, they are attempting to include too many items on their return or they miss a deadline. In cases where taxpayers are not properly represented, the tax burdens can be significantly increased. This represents a waste of time and money for both the taxpayer and the Authority.

Networking Skills

Individuals that perform tax return services for a living are often integral members of the community. They interact with local merchants, vendors, law enforcement, the media and more. Individuals that work in the tax return industry have strong networking skills and can often make a significant contribution to any community. For this reason, they are great additions to any civic group and are very popular amongst members.

Use of Tax Software

Individuals that utilize the tax software may also be involved in a volunteer position. Many times these individuals are active in local community groups and have developed relationships that could lead to future employment opportunities. In some tax filing situations, the service provider may also be able to work as an organizer or consultant.

Where to Get the Best Tax Return Services in Eastern Suburbs?

There are many taxation and accounting services provider companies in Eastern suburbs. RT Taxation & Accounting is one of them. We provide the best taxation, outsourced CFO, Accounting services etc. So, if you are looking forward to getting the best company for your tax return services in eastern suburbs, RT Taxation would be the best choice for you.

Why RT Taxation?

  1. We are experienced in taxation for 10 years
  2. Best Tax Return experts
  3. Affordable service charges


In conclusion, a tax return professional is someone who provides assistance with the filing of state taxes. The role they play varies depending on the particular state they live in, but there are several that cover all tax returns. The services provided may include filing taxes, giving advice and instruction on how to file, or offering tax preparation services. Some tax return preparers work exclusively for one particular party and some work for both state tax preparation parties and individuals. All in all, a tax professional is a person who has mastered the art of filing taxes and knows how to reach every individual that may need their assistance.

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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing – Why Do You Need It for Your Company?

Payroll outsourcing has become very popular in Australia over the years. The main reason for this is that payroll outsourcing is cost effective. It offers a business with a number of advantages. One of these is that payroll outsourcing allows an entrepreneur to have complete control over his payroll functions, thereby freeing up business resources for other important aspects of the business.

Outsourcing payroll services is usually performed to minimize cost and increase time saved to address administrative tasks pertaining to payroll administration. In other words, payroll involves the procurement of outside help to take care of the administrative tasks involved in processing payslips. There are various outsourcing companies that provide payroll administration and management services, so it is necessary to conduct careful research before choosing the right provider to outsource these services.

What Are Included in Payroll Outsourcing?

Some of the common tasks that are outsourced include processing income taxes, benefits requests, and employee insurance claims.

  1. Another task commonly outsourced is that of processing federal tax returns.
  2. Payroll services may be utilized to manage payrolls for salaried employees and/or non-salaried employees.
  3. Some payroll providers offer their services to companies with a limited number of employees.
  4. This allows the company to focus on its business goals and less on the payroll function.

What You Should Consider Before Hiring a Payroll Company?

When conducting a search for a payroll outsourcing provider, it is important to evaluate different service packages offered by different service providers. If the business owner is to outsource its administrative functions, it is imperative to choose a payroll outsourcing company that is reliable, experienced, and has a proven track record. A reliable payroll outsourcing provider may require a minimal investment. However, if the goal is to save costs and increase efficiency, it is advisable to outsource more functions. Outsourcing is cost-effective when the function is used to increase efficiency in other areas of the business.

Save Valuable Research

Using payroll outsourcing services enables the company to save valuable resources. Time is also saved because the payroll processing and reporting can be done from any location. Moreover, employees do not have to spend extra time completing their payroll or filing tax documents. For businesses that generate large volumes of payroll records, it is advisable to outsource the entire payroll function to a payroll outsourcing service provider.

Time Saving

With the increasing demand for payroll outsourcing services, many recruitment agencies and payroll outsourcing vendors have come into existence. In Australia alone, there are many outsourcing vendors. The increasing demand for these services has led to an increase in the competition between these vendors. The increase in competition has also led to price reduction and quality enhancement. In order to lure potential clients, many vendors conduct training sessions. These training sessions are aimed at educating the HR executives about the benefits of using payroll outsourcing services and the challenges that the vendors have to face in order to provide quality services.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The increasing number of employees who perform payroll tasks has also forced the companies to look for cost-effective payroll services. This has created a situation where the companies have to cut costs on various activities such as payroll, tax filing, and benefits administration. Since payroll services are mandatory in all businesses, employees feel pressure to work hard in order to meet payroll requirements. Many employees are found to be taking payroll help from their friends and relatives in order to meet payroll requirements.

Where to Get the Best Payroll Outsourcing Services in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney?

There are many payroll outsourcing services providers in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. RT Taxation and Accounting is one of them. We are well-experienced, reliable, and professional taxation and accounting services providers from the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Services We Provide:

  1. Taxation & Accounting
  2. Outsourced Payroll Services
  3. Self Managed Super Funds
  4. Home and Investment Lending

Why We are Best Payroll?

  1. We are highly professional
  2. Long experienced
  3. Reliable
  4. On time completion of project
  5. Best Tax experts


As payroll has become more important in today’s society, the employees feel the need to maximize the payroll tax deductions allowed by the government. In addition, employees have become more diligent in filing their payroll tax returns every year-end. By using a payroll service provider, it is easy for the payroll department to calculate and take the correct deductions. Since the numbers are already pre-calculated, the employees can directly input the information and the payroll processing machine will automatically deduct the expenses as they are deducted from their salaries.

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CFO Outsourcing

CFO Services – Why CFO Outsourcing Is The Best Way To Improve Your Business

What is CFO Outsourcing?

There are many benefits of CFO outsourcing services. First and foremost is that you will be saved from the hassles of managing your finance department. Outsourcing your finance department to a professional will free you up to attend to other more important issues like raising capital or handling employee issues.

Another benefit is CFO outsourcing services to ensure a smooth, easy and convenient transition for your company. You can focus on your core business activities. Rather than having to deal with administrative issues like payroll preparation, employee hiring, cash flow, and so on. By delegating these tasks to an outsourced CFO, you get to spend your time focusing on other important areas. The same holds true when raising capital.

Virtual or Outsourced CFO

By outsourcing your requirements to an independent virtual CFO you get to enjoy greater flexibility. When raising money through equity or loans. Since the CFO service provider handles the finance and accounting functions of your firm. They are well placed to ensure that your transaction is completed in a timely manner.

Benefits of Outsourced CFO Services in Australia

Hassle-Free Reporting & Accounting

Virtual CFO services also help you manage financial reporting and accounting needs. You can focus on your core business activities and do away with the need to outsource your financial reporting requirements.

Team of Experienced Professionals

When you hire an outsourced CFO service provider, you get a team of experienced professionals. They are highly trained to take care of all your financial reporting and accounting needs. You can relax while the outsourced CFO team handles the day-to-day administration. And financial reporting responsibilities while you keep yourself in the loop by checking quarterly CFO reports at your leisure.

Cost Cuts of Your Company

When you hire outsourced CFO services, you also get cost cuts. This is because the costs associated with hiring a full-time CFO to work in-house are extremely high. The rate for a CFO to provide services on behalf of your firm is three times higher than the rate of a regular employee. You can reduce the cost to a large extent by contracting with an outsourced CFO service provider who provides services at much lower costs.

Implementation of Your Plan

When you outsource CFO services, you can rest assured that your financial strategy will be implemented as per your stipulated requirements. When you have a financial policy implemented, it will become difficult for you to change it, if ever, due to the large number of employees employed in the payroll department.

Improve Your Financial Strategy

However, when you outsource your CFO services, your CFO will sit with you and discuss the financial strategy with you before taking it to the next level. Your CFO will assist you in implementing the best CFO services for your firm and thus will work closely with you to ensure that your firm implements the best CFO policy. Outsourcing your CFO services will enable you to focus on your core business activities and free up your staff for more important tasks.

Financial Strategy will be Executed Efficiently

Another benefit of outsourcing your CFO services is that your financial strategy will be executed efficiently. With a single CFO service provider in-house, you will be forced to divide your attention between different projects. A single CFO will handle the cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the overall financial strategy for your firm. This will lead to a situation where there will be a lack of coordination and communication between the various departments leading to a delay in the execution of your financial plan.

Boost Cash Flow Option

If you want to improve and boost your cash flow operations, then it makes sense to outsource CFO services. In fact, there are many benefits of hiring CFOs, including significant cost cuts and time savings. The use of outsourced CFO services will result in a significant reduction in overhead expenses. If you are looking to reduce your cost base, CFOs will be an ideal option. The CFO service will take care of all the cost related matters like processing invoices, credit card payments, receiving payments from customers and so on.


Apart from all these advantages, when you outsource your CFO services, you can expect quality services at a low cost. As mentioned earlier, a single full-time CFO will handle the entire financial strategy for your firm, reducing your need to hire additional staff for such matters as payroll and employee benefits administration. When you consider all these advantages, it becomes very obvious that CFO outsourcing is the best way to take your business to the next level.

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Outsourcing Payroll Services

How To Save Time And Money By Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Payroll outsourcing is a growing trend these days in Australia. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most popular services being offered by outsourcing companies. It’s very easy to understand why: it saves time and money. And allows an employer to focus on providing his best workforce. When done correctly, payroll outsourcing can be highly effective in reducing administrative costs, while increasing efficiency and productivity. If you’re interested in learning how payroll outsourcing services can help your company, here are a few tips on what you need to know.

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

There are many different benefits that payroll outsourcing can provide to businesses. Simply put, payroll outsourcing simply means outsourcing some or all of your payroll management to an external third-party company. The payroll service you get will then incorporate it with your current business infrastructure. Incorporating your payroll system, with its own benefits and processes every pay period. This way, you’ll no longer have to deal with filing taxes. Also, paying employees, or even withholdings from your employees’ salaries and other receipts.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing for Businesses

Eliminates a lot of Paper Works

The first benefit that payroll outsourcing provides to businesses is that it eliminates a lot of tedious paperwork. After all, managing payroll is time-consuming and a source of stress for a business owner. So, by having an external company do the work, an owner can spend his or her time focusing on the other important aspects of running a business. You’ll no longer have to file payroll yourself or manage payroll departments by hand. Instead, you can simply hire an outsourcing company that will take care of this work for you.

Reduce Employer’s Expenses

Another important benefit of payroll outsourcing is that it reduces the employer’s expenses. Whether you outsource your payroll processing or not, an outsourcing company will still be paying for office space, computers, Internet connection fees, space rental, payroll processing fees, etc. The company that outsourcing your payroll activities usually provides a facility contract. This contract outlines the services that the company will provide to you and the amount they’ll charge.

Professional Payroll Services

When you outsource payroll services, make sure that you’re getting one from a professional payroll outsourcing services company. Make sure that the company hires only skilled professionals to ensure that your data and files are secure at all times. Hiring unprofessional or inexperienced individuals to handle your payroll taxes can lead to legal problems. Also financial issues missed payroll taxes, and much more.

Check out the service contract for payroll outsourcing carefully. Find out if there are any penalties for late payroll payments. Make sure that your chosen payroll outsourcing company may not offer any payroll deductions for employees who clock out several days or payroll taxes at the end of the year. Find out if your chosen provider may also debit your bank account for the taxes. Find out if your provider may also deduct these amounts from your bank accounts. It’s not uncommon for payroll outsourcing service providers to do both – take money out of your accounts and deposit them into your bank.

Save Time

If you’re planning to outsource your payroll functions, be sure that you’re also planning to save time. Do some research and see what payroll outsourcing options are best for your company. If you have the payroll related functions done internally, then you can save time by not having to train employees on the new payroll outsourcing software. If you outsource payroll outsourcing to a third party, such as a payroll outsourcing company, you can use the training time to improve other aspects of your business. No matter what method you decide to use, though, make sure that you’re still able to meet your payroll goals and that your outsourced service provider is experienced and professional.

Where to Get the Best Payroll Outsourcing Company?

There are many payroll outsourcing options available in the market today. You can choose among RT Taxation outsourcing options, which are the most common in the industry. RT payroll outsourcing options include data entry, payroll processing, data processing for hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and other special payroll applications. Specialized outsourcing options include payroll administration, payroll tracking, data collection, payroll management, tax preparation, customer service, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting services, and other related payroll services.

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Tax Deduction on Working Clothes Work

How Does Tax Deduction on Working Clothes Work?

Many people believe that a tax deduction works clothes as clothing is items that are used every day. It could be used as a coat, tie, blouse, pants, or jeans. It could also be used as an occasional and emergency dress. But if it is new clothing purchased at a tax-free outlet then it is no tax deduction for work clothes. It means clothing that was purchased and used for a tax deduction.

There are many tax deductions available for every type of tax paid. Some tax deductions are excluded for tax reasons and some tax deductions are only applicable on itemized tax returns. Items that fall under the exclusions include interest paid, expenses paid, capital gains, and state and local taxes. If you claim any of these exclusions on your federal tax return, the tax deduction will not apply to clothing worn while working. It will only apply to clothing purchased and worn while away from home.

Tax Deduction on Clothes

Professional Clothes

One example is the tax deduction for clothes for police officers. Although they are not tax deductions, they qualify as regular clothing tax deductions. Because they were purchased for their official duty. This is considered an expense deduction. For most police officers this tax deduction can be very significant.


A clothing-tax deduction that is considered a business tax deduction is determined by determining the gross revenue loss incurred. And adding the appropriate tax deductibles. A tax-deductible business expense includes the total of all expenses, including transportation, business expenses incurred such as meals, supplies, postage, and others. These expenses are deductible if they can be proven to be related to the performance of your job. Clothing expenses such as uniforms can be deducted if they are custom made if the uniform can be altered, if it is branded and if the uniform serves an important purpose. However, uniforms that are regular clothing items can’t be deducted as tax deductibles.


There are two exceptions to this general principle. The first is if you are traveling in your private car, which is called a tax-deductible business trip. The second is if you are traveling in a private vehicle that is chartered by a church, state, or national charity. Even though traveling in these tax deductibles can be good business sense, it’s still not wise to use your tax deductibles for personal expenses.

Tax Deductions by Buying Quality Clothing Item

One of the easiest ways to save on tax deductions is to buy quality clothing items. Good quality clothing items are expensive and if you purchase them in bulk you will be able to get a good discount. You don’t even have to look very hard to find good quality clothing tax deductibles. One excellent way to save tax dimes is to buy in bulk. There are many retail stores out there that specialize in clothing items that can be purchased in large quantities. You can also make purchases from government agencies and institutions, as they are usually on duty free and can be absolutely tax deductible.

Clothing should be chosen with care. Try to avoid clothes that have low-slung collars or other unattractive aspects that will be considered tax dimes. It might be tempting to purchase something in bulk and then resell it, but you will be better off buying low-cost items and adding them to your collection to be sold later. Also, be careful to choose clothing items that are appropriate to the place where you will be wearing them. If you are going to wear a white shirt at your daughter’s soccer practice, don’t choose a white t-shirt to wear to an accounting meeting. If you are trying to save on tax deductions, it’s important to pay attention to detail and select clothing that will help you succeed in whatever position you are trying to get into.


One final note. It’s important that before you begin trying to find clothing tax deduction that you read up on your tax laws. Sometimes certain types of clothing are not tax-deductible depending on where they were manufactured. For example, there is clothing that is manufactured in one country and shipped to another country that is tax-deductible in the country where it was shipped.

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Advantages of Payroll Services for Businesses

Advantages of Payroll Services for Businesses in Eastern Suburb

Payroll outsourcing service providers help business owners to streamline their payroll functions, provide more efficiency in managing payroll functions, provide greater payroll options to business owners, help reduce payroll costs, provide greater payroll flexibility, and access the talented individuals that they so desire. In short, payroll outsourcing services take the headache out of payroll management. And with an ever-increasing population, this outsourcing trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

Hiring payroll outsourcing services can also save time for both the employer and the employee. For instance, when you hire an employee with great potential, you spend valuable time training him or her. When you outsource payroll functions, you get a highly-knowledgeable professional with whom you can easily and rapidly communicate.

Advantages of Hiring a Outsourced Payroll Services

In addition to saving time and money, payroll outsourcing services can also benefit an organization’s bottom line. Most payroll outsourcing services include accurate payroll taxes. This way, no matter how many employees you have, you’ll be sure that the payroll taxes are done correctly. Moreover, you can be sure that these payroll taxes are calculated accurately and on time. This way, you will be able to claim your payroll deductions for salaries paid to your employees.

Direct Deposit System

A major advantage of using payroll software to manage payroll is that it provides a direct deposit system. Through direct deposit, a company doesn’t have to bother with printing payroll cards. Instead, every pay period goes directly to your bank account.

 Tax Deductions

Managing payroll has never been easier. And with payroll outsourcing services, it’s even better. When you hire payroll professionals, you are assured that your payroll process is fast, accurate and error-free. Your payroll team will even take care of collecting employee data, including payroll taxes, giving out deductions and other employee information management responsibilities.

Most small businesses nowadays have payroll systems, especially small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. But this is not the case for large corporations. Larger organizations typically use their own payroll system. The problem with using payroll solutions provided by other companies is that it’s hard to coordinate with payroll departments at different locations. It can also be difficult to transfer payroll data between locations.

Eliminates Hassle

Using payroll outsourcing services eliminates all these hassle. All you have to do is specify the payroll amount that you need, as well as the frequency of payments and the number of hours your employees are available. These companies will manage appropriate taxing among your employees. It also allows you to provide accurate employee information management so that you don’t have to worry about data entry errors.

Payroll Service Contract

If you’re considering an online payroll services contract, make sure you get one from a reliable provider. Choose a service provider who can meet your payroll needs at reasonable prices. Check out several providers before choosing one. You should be able to review their customer testimonials and get feedback about how satisfied their customers are with their services.

Reduce Payroll Expenses

Another benefit of this new trend in payroll is the ability to reduce payroll expenses each year-end. Instead of hiring additional staff to process payroll taxes and labor laws, a full-service payroll provider offers all-inclusive solutions. With their comprehensive package, small businesses can save more than $500 per year.

Payroll Responsibilities

Small businesses often have tight budgets. However, they still need to pay their employees. Hiring an outsourcing payroll service provider means your employees will no longer need to worry about the payroll process. They’ll simply be assigned payroll responsibilities based on their level of experience.

Reduce Costs

For example, there are some small businesses that don’t have a lot of workers. In that case, it wouldn’t make much sense to hire full-time employees to file payroll taxes and labor laws. Hiring an outsourcing payroll provider, however, lets those businesses focus on marketing and other core services. With its comprehensive package, a payroll outsourcing company will assign payroll responsibilities to accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll officers. It also cuts costs by allowing you to pay employees only what they’re worth-no more than 100 per month.


As technology changes, business owners must consider whether it’s time to embrace full-service payroll outsourcing. The advantages include: reducing payroll expenses, controlling payroll spending, improving customer service, reducing payroll errors, and minimizing employee turnover. If you’re ready for a new approach to bookkeeping and payroll, contact an outsourcing payroll provider today.

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Work-Related Tax Deductions

Work-Related Tax Deductions

With the 2021 Financial Year coming to an end in 3 months it is never too late to get started on compiling your work-related expenses. You would like to claim for your Tax Agent at R T Accounting & Taxation Services to review and lodge your tax return. Here is the list of potential tax deductions you should be keeping an eye on whilst compiling your list.

How do Tax Deductions Work?

First, it is important to understand the role tax deductions play in reducing your taxable income. When lodging a tax return, you can claim deductions for expenses incurred in earning your assessable income. These deductions are known as “work related deductions”.

To be able to claim these work-related deductions you will need the following:

  • A record to prove the expense was paid.
  • Proof that you have spent the money yourself.
  • You have not been reimbursed this expense by your employer.
  • Correlation between this expense and the role you are in.

It is also understandable that sometimes you can jumble up expenses between private and work. So it is important to apportion the deduction you would like to claim for the work-related part of the cost.

Different Types of Tax Deductions You Can Claim

Work-Related Car & Travel Expenses

We are starting this off with potentially the most intricate part of work-related expenses, the work-related car and travel expenses. The key point to note is that you must keep records as this will make it easier for both yourself and your tax agent at R T Accounting & Taxation Services.

If you use your car for work, you can claim the work-related travel expenses for the portion you use your car for to earn your assessable income. There are two methods that we can use to calculate this amount deductible:

  • Cents per kilometre method, currently at 68 cents per kilometre travelled, and capped at 5000kms or $3400. We have found most clients prefer to use this method. As the dollar amount encompasses all work-related car expenses without the need to keep a detailed logbook. Also, unless you are in a role that requires you to be on the road every day of the week, most taxpayers will not travel 5000km in a Financial Year for business purposes.
  • Logbook method, where you record every expense incurred with your car for 3 months and calculate a business use percentage from there. This option is more favourable for tradespeople and salespeople as they travel for more than 5000km a year, for work purposes. This method is more complicated so do not be afraid to come to visit us in the Eastern Suburbs to see which method is best for you.

Travel between work and home daily is not tax deductible as this is still considered private travel.

Work Related Clothing and Laundry Expenses

Another work-related expense most popular with tradespeople. If your employer has a dress policy that is not readily available to you outside your workplace then you can potentially be in line for tax deductions.

Clothing and protective clothing can only be claimed if you require it for your occupation. For example, a generic suit pant combo is not claimable as a work-related expense if your employer’s logo is not on the suit or if wearing a suit does not fit inside your employer’s uniform policy (often listed in your employment contract). You can also claim clothing and footwear you use to protect yourself from on-the-job injury or illness. For example, steel-capped boots for tradesmen or sun cream for teachers on playground duty.

Work from Home Deductions

With many roles still not returning to an office, Work from Home Deductions will play an important role in getting yourself a hefty refund come tax time. If you work from home, some portion of the home office expenses is claimable. In a perfect world, you should have a separate study room in which you carry out your work-related activities. However, if you are using the living room or your bedroom to work, you can only claim expenses for the hours you had exclusive use of the area for work.

Like work-related car and travel expenses, keeping a clean and accurate record of your home office expenses is crucial. If you are not given a work computer to work from home then the cost of the computer is deductible along with any associated electrical charges. This is why it is easier to calculate if you work from a separate study room.

Beware that equipment you would like to purchase that costs more than $300 will need to be depreciated over the asset’s useless life.

Mobile Phone Use

Communication has been more vital with the workforce working from home, and so work-related phone usage has been increasing. The good news is that, if you use your own phone for work purposes, you are entitled to claim tax deductions. If you paid for it and can prove that you have spent the money yourself and were not reimbursed for it by your employer. If you use a single phone for work and private use, then you will need to work out which percentage was used for work-related purposes only.

A simple way to calculate this would be to keep a spreadsheet over a 4-week period. And allocate your calls as work and private. You can then round this up to a full-year expense.

Memberships, Subscriptions & Union Fees

Do you trade shares on the ASX? And purchase a subscription to the Australian Financial Review to keep updated on any news and movements in the share market? This subscription cost would be tax deductible as it is helping you gain your assessable income.

If you work in retail, those trade union fees are deducted from your pay. Each pay cycle is also claimable in your tax return. These union fees are often reported by your employer to the ATO, and we can pick this up on our system.

Gifts & Donations

Gifts & Donations can be claimed if the organisation you are donating to is a deductible gift recipient. A receipt of proof of donation must also be kept claiming the deduction.

Self-Education Expenses

Self-education expenses can be claimed if your study is directly linked to your work. The course you undertake must lead to a formal qualification that meets the below criteria:

  • the course must maintain/improve skills and knowledge required in your current job.
  • result in or is likely to, an increase in your income.

You cannot claim self-education expenses that does not have a significant enough connection to your current employment. You can claim the following expenses in relation to your self-education:

  • accommodation and meals (if away from home overnight)
  • computer
  • course or tuition fees
  • decline in value for depreciating assets (cost exceeds $300)
  • purchase of equipment or technical instruments costing $300 or less
  • bus/train fares
  • home office running costs.
  • internet usage (excluding connection fees)
  • parking fees (only for work-related claims)
  • phone calls
  • stationery
  • student union fees
  • student services and amenities fees
  • textbooks
  • trade, professional, or academic journals
  • travel to-and-from place of education (only for work-related claims)

If an expense is partly for your self-education and partly for other purposes, you can only claim the amount that relates to your self-education as a deduction.

Cost of Managing Tax Affairs

If in the previous year you were wise enough to come see us or any other tax agent to lodge your return, you can claim the deduction for the fees the tax agent charged you along with any associated travel costs in getting to and from your tax agent.

Finally, it is important to prove your work-related purchases, via receipts and corresponding bank statements. As well as prove that it is an item or service used for work-related purposes. If in doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch with the tax specialists in the Eastern Suburbs at R T Accounting & Taxation Services and we will be able to help you out.

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