Many small to medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses reach a certain point in their growth. Where they will need in-depth data and expertise to plan, measure risk, improve performance. And profits, secure company financial health, and growth. In a large entity, this role is filled by a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Times have changed, and many SME’s no longer need a traditional full-time employee to look after the services mentioned earlier. They can easily tap into the knowledge and expertise of an experienced CFO without putting them on the payroll. And enjoy greater benefits than they would if they hired an in-house CFO.

Significant Cost Savings

Hiring a full time CFO is a massive financial commitment. Many small businesses simply do have the money to pay close to $200,000 per year plus benefits to a qualified CFO.

Outsourcing your CFO requirements to R T Accounting & Taxation Services will come at a fraction of that cost. You will not need to pay us employee benefits, commissions, bonuses, or profit-sharing incentives often attached to hiring an in-house CFO. You can scale up your services as your organisation grows to minimise your expenses. And more importantly, put more money in your pocket.

Collaborative Strategic Planning

As a business owner, you know what you want to achieve from a business perspective. However, do you know the financial steps required to reach that goal? At R T Accounting & Taxation Services, we pride ourselves on being among the best when it comes to giving you financial advice personally tailored to YOUR situation. We can spot weaknesses, recommend improvements, and capitalise on strengths.

This process will often involve the development and implementation of Key Performance Indicators to hit performance and growth objectives, along providing forecasts and budgets to help your organisation gain traction.

Understandable Information at Your Fingertips

As your organisation grows, the data collected becomes exponentially important. The basic financial reports generated by accounting software will only show you a part of the picture. They will not explain where your business currently stands and the future for your organisation.

An outsourced CFO at R T Accounting & Taxation Services will tailor the reports to provide key insights to help you succeed. We can translate in-depth financial data into commonly understandable information you can use to make informed decisions to help your organisation grow and expand.

Financial Accountability

Financial complexity increases exponentially as your organisation grows. Nevertheless, your business needs to maintain internal controls to ensure compliance, accuracy, and data security. At R T Accounting & Taxation Services, one of our employees has firsthand experience as an internal controls officer at a multinational aerospace manufacturing firm. We can use this experience to help you implement similar controls to your business if that is what you require.

We ensure that you have the checks and balances to provide independent oversight over in-house operations to deter fraud away from your business.

If there is no control’s function, many organisations have struggled to get out of first gear as it is almost impossible to secure capital as your business grows. This information is also important during mergers and acquisitions and when reporting to potential investors and shareholders.

First-Class Knowledge & Service

At R T Accounting & Taxation Services, we are dedicated to the success of your company and are readily available beyond the tradition hours. You will not need to go through an extensive hiring process or pay a huge salary. You can immediately hit the ground running with a qualified and experienced CFO with deep industry knowledge immediately.

The experienced CFOs at R T Accounting & Taxation Services have a proven financial background, strong qualifications, and glowing testimonials. We work collaboratively with your business and its partners to provide a truly first-class experience.

If you are interested in exploring our outsourced CFO Services, contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you grow your business and succeed.